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Name: Abigail
Instagram: Simple.DailyStyle
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Parenting, Travel

About Abigail

Sustainable & natural lifestyle influencer and Co-founder of The Simple Folk; Organic & high-comfort clothing for the wild-hearted minimalist.
Simple. Ethical. Slow.

Abigail’s Instagram account is predominately focused on women (fashion, beauty, health & well-being) but also covers parenting and family life as they world-school their 3 children, with some crossover on the main The Simple Folk Instagram account (which is much more family/children focussed).

As well as running a fully remote business from home, they homeschool/world-school (as they travel a lot), gentle parent, eat organic, and live a healthy, active, natural lifestyle. They avoid plastic, are very concerned with ingredients and weigh up every purchase/action carefully to make the best choice we can with the information they have. Their family motto is “progress over perfection” as they are truly committed to a conscious lifestyle but also understand the reality of the world we live in. They hope to raise their children to consider the health and well-being of not only themselves but the planet and all others they share it with. They believe every conscious decision is a step in the right direction.


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