Meet The Founder

Besma Whayeb, Founder of Ethical Influencers

Besma Whayeb is the Founder of Ethical Influencers. A sustainable fashion and lifestyle advocate, Besma began the platform as a way to connect fellow influencers and creatives and support their content.

Having started the sustainable fashion and lifestyle blog, Curiously Conscious, in 2014, her passion for finding kinder ways to live grew into a need to create a place to connect similar creators together to amplify their voices and make positive change happen on a collective level.

While Besma’s professional background lies in copywriting and content strategy, her experience in building websites led to the creation of the Ethical Influencers platform in June 2018, alongside a weekly newsletter, forum, and popular Instagram page. Today she works with Ash Webb, Community Manager, and partner organisations to provide support to rising influencers and passionate creatives in the community.

Two years on, the Ethical Influencers platform has grown to over 700 members in 42 different countries around the world, with clients such as The Good Apparel, Green Gathering Festival, No Issue, Organic Basics, Oxfam, Percol Coffee, The Sustainable Lifestyle Awards, and more.