Are You An Ethical Influencer?

Are You An Ethical Influencer? | Ethical Influencers

What makes an ethical influencer? Both words can be tricky to define: we all have our own ethics, and in a certain respect, we all influence those around us too.

Create To Be Kind

To us, an ethical influencer is a creative who wants to make the world a kinder place to live.

You may post about ethical fashion on Instagram, or write about environmental issues on your blog. You could run a podcast on going zero-waste, or perhaps vlog your eco-friendly travels.

Whatever your passion is, our aim is to support you. The Ethical Influencers network has been created to connect creatives and help them to improve their content, grow their following, and work with likeminded brands too.

An Influence For Good

With many issues, it takes a lot of voices channeled in one direction to finally be heard. Be it a petition, a protest, or a campaign – we are stronger when we work together.

As we become ever more connected through our technology, we creatives have the power to echo that voice across our blogs and social channels.

Just as our Brand Opportunities can boost the reach of ethical businesses, we also can help each other grow and create more of an impact by working together.

Join Us

Ethical Influencers is a FREE network that supports a diverse range of creators to improve their content, create connections with likeminded brands and influencers, and most importantly, get our voices heard to make a real difference.

You can join our network by filling out a simple form, from which you’ll be invited to our Facebook Group and have your very own Directory listing too.

As the platform grows, we hope to roll out guides, workshops, meet-ups, and much more – sign up and stay tuned!


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