Arlette of De Utrechtse Mode Revolutie

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Name: Arlette
Blog: De Utrechtse Mode Revolutie
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Food, Home, Lifestyle, Travel, Vegetarian, Vegan

About Arlette

Arlette is proving that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring! She is the founder of De Utrechtse Mode Revolutie, or, ‘The Utrecht Fashion Revolution’. Arlette’s goal is a completely sustainable closet by taking small steps that are manageable for herself and that ensure that she doesn’t have to sacrifice her own style. Like many people, Arlette loves fashion, trends, and looking good. But the more she delves into sustainable fashion, the more she is convinced that sustainability and stylishness go hand in hand.

Through her blog and Instagram, Arlette will take you through the steps she’s taking, hoping to inspire you to do the same: make your closet more sustainable bit by bit without losing your style.


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