Becca Gargiulo

Becca Gargiulo | Ethical Influencers


Name: Becca
Youtube: beccagargiulo
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Food, Home, Lifestyle, Vegan

About Becca

Becca is a dancer and student whose content focuses on ethical, sustainable, and intentional living. After going vegan in 2017, she began to investigate the environmental, social, and personal impacts of other areas of her life. This period of discovery opened her eyes to zero waste living, slow fashion, and social justice issues. Through her YouTube videos and Instagram posts, Becca aims to encourage others to explore how their individual actions can make a difference in the world. In particular, Becca shows how college students like herself can achieve these changes, but her content can be helpful to anyone looking for a practical, affordable, and intersectional approach. One of Becca’s favorite hobbies is thrifting, and she loves sharing her secondhand fashion and home decor finds!


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