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Name: Ben
Instagram: bentheforestfoodie
Categories: Environment, Food, Free From, Health, Lifestyle, Vegetarian, Vegan

About Ben

Ben mainly posts vegan food, recipes and nutritional information on plant based living. Ben also posts and raises awareness on Forest School, which is a holistic education programme that started in Scandinavia as part of their “friluftsliv” (free open air life) lifestyles.

Ben shares forest school activity ideas and pictures of wildlife he encounters whilst at work (usually giving facts about how to conserve or protect flora and fauna). He uses a lot of outdoorsy equipment, and teaches children about ethical living and giving back to nature.

Ben also raises awareness of mental wellbeing and plans on posting more about Shinrin Yoku which is Forest Bathing. This means issuing our senses out in nature to connect to the forest and it has been statistically proven to be highly beneficial to individuals suffering with depression and anxiety.

It is Ben’s goal to be influential in sustainable living, veganism, mental wellbeing and share his purchases and journey whilst doing so.


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