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Want to source influencers to support your brand, product, or upcoming campaign? By sourcing influencers from the Ethical Influencers community, you’ll tap into a network of vetted content creators actively working in the sustainability niche.

Campaign Listings | £60

For many ethical brands, engaging with an audience of conscious citizens is difficult. There’s a story to tell, and it involves audiences being aware of your brand, how great your product is, and what you stand for in equal measure.

Our influencers have already earned the trust of their audiences, and are expected to publicise the best ethical brands. By sourcing members of Ethical Influencers, you can invite influencers to write about your brand, product, and ethical story on their blogs and social channels.

You’ll benefit from their high quality content and audience knowledge, reaching people who will be genuinely interested in your brand.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Campaign Listing, open for up to 30 days
  • Your campaign shared with over 1000 ethical influencers on our private forum and weekly newsletters
  • Instant applications from interested influencers over email
  • Opportunity to connect directly with influencers and build relationships
  • No commission or agency fees as standard.

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Add-On: Influencer Report | £35

If you’re looking to factor in metrics alongside source influencers from the Ethical Influencers network, be sure to choose the Influencer Report add-on!

Alongside all of the benefits of sourcing influencers through our network, you will also be provided with a custom-generated report detailing all the influencers who have applied to work with you, sent to you when your Campaign Listing closes.

What you’ll get:
– 1 x Influencer Report compiling all applications sent via Ethical Influencer network
– Key metrics (main channel links, handles, follower counts, engagement rates)

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Campaign Listing + Influencer Report | Ethical Influencers

Bespoke Influencer Sourcing | From £250

If you’re looking for more bespoke support with sourcing influencers for your brand or campaign, enquire about our Influencer Sourcing service. We can help you draw up a brief and source the best fitting members of the Ethical Influencers network, while also introducing them to your brand and inviting them to collaborate with you over email. Enquire about Influencer Sourcing →

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