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Name: Action Speaks Louder

About: Action Speaks Louder is a non-profit working to hold big, global companies accountable for their climate promises, and push them to set stronger climate targets and use their power and influence to spark systemic change. 

Our campaigns are deeply researched and chosen strategically to create the biggest possible impact on climate action — this often means focusing on getting companies to stop burning fossil fuels and start investing in clean, renewable energy. This is a topic that is not necessarily ‘sexy’, so we are always looking for creators that can use their creativity and storytelling to make these issues accessible and engaging!

The Brief

THE PROBLEM - The fashion industry needs to reduce its emissions by 45% by 2030 if it wants to make progress towards keeping global warming within 1.5C. This is imperative if we want to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change. - Despite championing wellness, lululemon has not committed to phasing out fossil fuels or set a renewable energy target for its supply chain - making products in a way that directly harms the wellness of the planet and the peole who make their clothes in some of the countries most affected by climate change. - Not only have they not set a renewable energy target, but their emissions have increased by 65% from 2020-2022, and are projected to keep rising as the brand grows. - The upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics are aiming to be the most sustainable Games yet, promising to halve the carbon footprint of previous editions. Lululemon, the official sponsor and outfitter of Team Canada, will dress its athletes with kits made with oil-based synthetics and produced by burning fossil fuels.
THE SOLUTION Lululemon needs to become a climate leader at the Olympics and protect the future of sports and the planet by publicly committing to renewable energy targets and supporting the green transition in the key supplier countries. By spreading this narrative and talking about it online through creative content, we can make this topic front and centre of Lululemon's sustainability priorities, which will in turn influence the actions they take.

Currently, we are working on a campaign to urge Lululemon to invest in clean energy in their supply chain — a move that would reduce their rapidly growing emissions, send a signal to the rest of the sportswear industry, and reduce the massive environmental harm they are making in the communities in Asia that live around their factories. 

As Lululemon is the official sponsor of the Canadian Olympic team this summer, and with the 2024 Olympics promising to be the most sustainable yet, we think it’s a great opportunity to talk about how intertwined sports, nature and sustainability are and how important it is for brands like Lululemon to protect the future of sports and athletes through their climate action. 

We’re looking for creators to amplify our message and ask Lululemon to compete on climate by publicly committing to renewable energy targets and supporting their key suppliers in the green transition. We’re very flexible in terms of format and angle — we want you to create the content that you think will best connect with your community!

Categories: Environment, Fashion, Fitness

Location: Open to anywhere, but especially Canada / UK / US

Compensation: Contact For More Details

Closing date: 4th August 2024

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