Closed: Feature BagWasher, New Washing Apparatus For Zip-Top Bags

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Name: BagWasher

About: Never have to hand wash your zip-top plastic bags again.

I have developed an apparatus that you place a zip-top plastic bag on, place it in the dishwasher to wash and dry the bag for re-use.  

Most people worldwide think that zip-top plastic bags are a single-use item and actually they are not. 

We’ve designed all Ziploc brand containers to be used multiple times. When containers get reused, less trash ends up in the landfills and less manufacturing energy is expended. That’s good news all around. When it’s time to replace a used container, that container can be converted into something new, instead of trash for the landfill. -Ziploc 

Millions of plastic bags go into the trash daily when they could be washed and re-used, and then recycle correctly. For those that do hand wash their zip-top plastic bags, it can be time-consuming, use more water, and is generally a mess. Not to mention that people usually throw away the very dirty bags that may have oil or may contain other contaminants. Although when those bags get washed in the dishwasher they will be clean and ready to be used again. 

BagWasher is the answer to washing all ziptop plastic bags in the dishwasher safely while using less water.
To start the initiative we have designed two sizes, quart, and gallon size BagWasher apparatus.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Introducing BagWasher

Brief: These items will be produced by way of injection mold. The molds that will be necessary to start the production are very expensive. I have plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to assist me with preselling the product and thereby paying for the “molds” that will be necessary to make the BagWasher apparatus. I need to presell a little over 3000 customers to make my Kickstarter campaign a success. I have a patent on the product, I have been marketing online. I have a network of test kitchens that know that the apparatus works, I have significant research for the production costs. It will be 100% recyclable itself and it does work and it does reduce plastic waste per household.  

I would like to work with an influencer that is passionate about reducing plastic waste so that I can get the excitement built for the Kickstarter campaign to be a success. 

I would be thrilled to send influencers the apparatus to test in their own dishwasher and see the results.

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Closing date: 16th January 2022

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