Closed: Partner With Bandi, The Clothes Swapping App

About The Brand

Name: Bandi app

About: We’re a new sustainable clothes swapping app and are on the lookout for conscious creators to help us promote the app and get more people active in the clothes swapping movement. 

In the middle of the pandemic, sisters Frankie and Nicole Theakston decided to do something positive about the state of the world and fight back against the fast fashion industry by co-founding Bandi, a sustainable clothes swapping app designed for people who “love fashion and love the planet”. Bandi lets you swap ‘til you drop, building a wardrobe full of items you love without feeling guilty about looking your best.

Bandi is launching a mobile app, which is out soon available on iOS. 

The fashion industry churns out 80 billion items of clothing every year even though there are only 7 billion people on the planet. As a society, we have more clothes than we can possibly wear – we just need to put them in the right wardrobes.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Partnership with Bandi – The clothes swapping app

Brief: We’re looking for creators who align with our values of sustainability, community, and fun fashion who would be willing to try out the app and then share their experience with their followers with creative content.

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Cover these categories: Environment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology

Are based in: United Kingdom

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Contact For More Details

Closing date: 4th November 2021

This Campaign Is Now Closed