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Name: Cafedirect

About: Cafedirect is a British ethical pioneer coffee brand. It’s a social enterprise that shares its profits with coffee farmers. It’s 100% Fairtrade (better prices) and over 60% organic certified. We buy direct from farmers using long-term contracts so that they have more financial security to be able to invest in their businesses. We set up a charity (Producers Direct) that is farmer-led and runs programmes on the ground to help farmers build sustainable businesses. This provides services such as training, finance, market access and pioneering technology and data-sharing platforms desperately needed in the developing world.

We were set up in 1991 by 4 charities including Oxfam to ensure farmers got a fair price for their coffee. Cafedirect was instrumental in the growth of the Fairtrade movement in the UK.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Cafedirect podcast

Brief: We’re looking for some help with promoting our podcast to help consumers make sustainable choices.

Here’s the info:

Cafédirect (British ethical pioneer coffee brand) launched the second series of its well-received podcast ‘Building Better Business’ on 18 January.

The podcast responds to Cafédirect’s recent survey which discovered that 96% of people think that businesses should be responsible for their environmental impact and 92% view companies as entirely or largely responsible for the welfare of people who produce their products.

Series one became one of the top 25% of global podcasts, based on downloads. (downloads of the first episode of season two secured a spot in the top 5%)

The goal of series two is to empower people to become part of a positive movement for change through their consumer choice.

Featuring straight-talking conversations with global thought leaders and professionals, the podcast asks: ‘What are businesses doing to protect our future and what more can be done?’

One episode will be released every Wednesday to examine businesses’ efforts in tackling sustainability issues including deforestation, carbon reduction, plastic and big agriculture, and featuring a panel of guests who provide challenge and insight from differing perspectives.

Podcast host and Cafédirect’s CEO John Steel explains the purpose of the podcast:
“We all want a healthier planet and fairer future to look forward to. This podcast explores how business can have a huge impact – and how, as informed customers, we can encourage better practice.”

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Closing date: 2nd March 2023

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