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Name: Chimney Sheep

About: Our main product is a draught excluder for chimneys made of sheep wool, hence the name. It’s made of sustainable materials and it saves 250kg CO2 per year (and around £100 of a typical heating bill per year!). Sustainability and innovation underline everything we do. We’ve been going for 12 years, and have evolved from selling chimney draught excluders to a wide range of sustainable products.  20% of our profits go to a Community Interest Company that I set up called Buy Land Plant Trees. To date, we’ve bought 200 acres and planted 300,000 trees.

The Brief

Some of our products are innovative but not the sort of thing people look for, so they don’t come up in searches and could do with a bit more exposure to get them going. 

We’ve started selling hybrid nappies. As a society we are familiar with re-usable vs disposable, but these are a re-usable outer and a disposable compostable inner pad. They significantly reduce waste from dumping whole nappies, and are much easier for busy parents who haven’t got time to commit to reusables.  

The second product I want to feature is a modular picnic set made out of sugarcane plastic. Sustainable plastic made of bamboo is widely available. This plastic is made in Europe out of waste sugarcane, so it is part of the circular economy. It’s a neat picnic kit but it’s proving difficult to sell so I could do with some help raising its profile.

Categories: Environment, Home, Lifestyle, Parenting

Location: U.K.

Compensation: Affiliate Commission, Gifted Product, Contact For More Details

Closing date: 28th July 2024

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