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Name: Clothes Doctor

About: We are Clothes Doctor, the home of eco friendly clothing care. With the average item of clothing having only two years until it is thrown away, we need to disrupt our current system of fast fashion. That’s why Lulu O’Connor started Clothes Doctor in 2017, to bring back the tradition of caring for the clothes we love, and making them last for as long as possible. Our range of specialist detergents, such as our Cashmere and Wool detergent, or Silk and Delicates, provide expert care for your fabrics without ever having to go to the dry cleaner. 

Originally Clothes Doctor began as a digitalised repairs service. People from around the country sent their most loved garments to our workshop in Cornwall to be repaired by our expert seamstresses.
During covid, the business expanded to include clothing care products that help protect, restore, and repair clothing. This range of clothing care products side of the business is now our main focus, but the repairs side still continues. 

Our specialist range includes eco laundry detergents, clothing mists and repair tools, and are designed to extend the life of clothing by protecting, renewing and refreshing fabrics. Sustainability is the central focus of our company and all our products. Our range is packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles that are completely plastic free. Our ingredients and materials are natural, sustainably sourced, as well as vegan and cruelty free.

Our customers love us because our products smell incredible, filling homes and scenting clothes with stunning fragrances. They also love that we are a small British company and that our products are sourced from around the UK.

If you want to read more about us, head to our story on our website.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Content Creation for the Home of Eco Friendly Clothing Care

Brief: We are looking for 10 ethical influencers that resonate with our brand mission to produce content across all platforms for us, for which we would have usage rights. We are open to ideas and will consider product gifting, commission, and paid opportunities.

If this sounds like something you could be interested in, we would love to work with you! Please reach out with any ideas, questions, or for more information.

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Cover these categories: Environment, Fashion, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Parenting, Vegan

Are based in: United Kingdom

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Closing date: 25th February 2023

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