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About The Brand

Name: Counter Culture Store

About: Counter Culture Store is a new online store on a mission to make it easier for consumers to discover and shop for sustainable and ethical beauty products.  

Launched in June 2021, the Counter Culture features high-performing and award-winning beauty from brands committed to formulating products that are kind to people the planet. 

Counter Culture’s mission is to encourage as many consumers as possible to begin their journey towards more sustainable beauty practices, starting with just one switch. 

In addition to championing the drive to sustainable beauty, Counter Culture also seeks to support female founders and independent boutique brands.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Just One Switch

Brief: Counter Culture Store is announcing the start of the “Just One Switch” campaign encouraging the public to make more eco-friendly, conscious choices when it comes to self-care and beauty. 

On average we use 12-16 different products a day. If every one of us could adopt just one small change then collectively we can make a big impact on the environment, not to mention the numerous benefits for the user. 

We are asking people to swap at least one conventional beauty item they are currently using, to a more sustainable version. Examples include:

  • Swap single-use face wipes to reusable cotton makeup removers
  • Choose plastic-free, shampoo bars over bottles 
  • Try refillable beauty products 
  • Opt for natural deodorants in plastic-free, recyclable packaging 
  • Adopt a more minimalist beauty routine by using multi-use products  
  • Choose products with natural, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients 
  • Select brands that avoid single-use plastics and focus on sustainable, recyclable packaging 
  • Go for home-grown brands

To join the campaign, we are encouraging influencers to post about their experience of making a switch from a conventional self-care of or beauty product to a sustainable one on their social media through images, videos and personal stories, hashtagging #JUSTONESWITCH and tagging  

As a thank you for joining the campaign, we will be happy to offer £35 voucher to shop on our site, to every influencer who will do a post with #justoneswitch hashtag and tagging We’d be very grateful if you could then do an IG story featuring the product(s) you’d buy from our website using the voucher, tagging

[NOTE: This constitutes remuneration for content therefore you must use #ad and the ‘paid partnership’ tool if available]

Campaign timings: 4 Oct – 29 Oct

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We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment, Health, Lifestyle, Parenting, Vegan

Are based in: United Kingdom

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Affiliate Commission, Vouchers

Closing date: 18th October 2021

This Campaign Is Now Closed


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