Closed: Promote Raw, Botanical, Vegan, Non-Alcoholic Spirit For Dry January


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About: We are Unapologetically Bold. CROSSIP is a concentrated non-alcoholic, macerated spirit with a potent kick to enhance your mixer or cocktail and add some real character to your drink. CROSSIP does not mimic other alcoholic spirits, we have used our favourite cocktails and spirits as inspiration for our own unique explorations of flavour and texture. The overriding goal being to give our customers a sensation of a more mature finished drink with depth.

CROSSIP is handcrafted in the UK by our founder, Carl Anthony Brown. All of our flavours are created from raw botanical ingredients, from sacks of hibiscus flowers to lapsang suchong tea. Thanks to our maceration process, all of our spirits are 100% alcohol free and are totally vegan. We have three signature flavours, Dandy, Pure and Fresh, plus an additional limited edition flavour Rich Berry. Each flavour is unique but all feature the same bite and mouthfeel (slight burning sensation) that a traditional alcoholic spirit would offer.

Bottles are available in 50cl sizes, plus we offer bundles with Artisan Mixers. Over the past few weeks, we also launched our Taster Collection featuring 20cl bottles of all three signature flavours in a bespoke gift box. This is the perfect place for any consumer to start their CROSSIP journey.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Promote Non-Alcoholic Spirit Around Dry Jan – Made from Raw Botanical, Natural Ingredients and 100% Vegan

Brief: January is a key month for any non-alcoholic drinks brand given it tends to be a seasonal time for those abstaining from drinking.

CROSSIP differs slightly versus our peers, as we do not use anti-alcohol/sober evangelical language in our communications. We lead first and foremost with messaging around flavour as we truly believe that the taste experience that is offered by our non-alcoholic spirits, is unrivalled in the market.

That being said, we still recognise the importance of being present during any conversations around Dry January. The majority of our customers are drinks who balance their alcohol intake, but still crave a flavourful drink when they’re not drinking alcohol. This is very much the audience we are looking to target, with the messaging around balance and not compromising on flavour during Dry January.

Furthermore, we are currently trying to push the message a little more around the simplicity of our product. We are proud that CROSSIP is versatile enough to make sophisticated, complex serves in swanky cocktail bars. But we also want to convey the message that you can create a seriously flavoursome drink at home by simply using a shot of CROSSIP with a premium mixer.

Beyond brand awareness and messaging, we naturally have a focus on growing sales through our website (currently the most common way for purchasing CROSSIP), but also growing our social media follower bases.

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Closing date: 10th February 2022

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