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About The Brand

Name: Divine Yoga Shop

About: We are a UK based Yoga & Wellness marketplace where we curate the most eco-friendly & natural products and brands for you. We are on a mission to help people live a more authentic Yoga Lifestyle & at the same time be conscious to their environment and community. 

Our Partners are not just the popular brands but also startups that are doing what they love and are looking to spread their craft to Yoga Lovers like yourself.

Join us and become part of a conscious marketplace that believes in the Power of Collaboration, not competition… Because the real message of Yoga is Acceptance of UNIQUENESS in every possible ways.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Ambassadors for Yoga Lifestyle

Brief: Our Brand Ambassador Programme provides the opportunity for Yoga & Meditation enthusiasts to promote Yoga Lifestyle products on Social Media through creative, beautiful & authentic content. This can include images, video, stories, you name it we are all ears.

In return for being a Divine Yoga Shop Ambassador and promoting our products you will receive free items and vouchers.

If you would like to join the Divine Yoga Shop Ambassador Programme, please apply with the following:

  • Links to your social platforms and blogs
  • Statistics on your engagement and following
  • Why you want to be a Divine Yoga Shop Ambassador

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Fit this brief: Looking for Brand Ambassadors who Love Yoga, Eco-friendly products and “Close to Nature” Lifestyle

Cover these categories: Fitness, Health, Lifestyle, Vegetarian, Vegan

Are based in: United Kingdom

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Gifted Product, Vouchers

Closing date: 12th May 2021

This Campaign Is Now Closed


Who We’ve Worked With…