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About The Brand

Name: Kuroa

About: Kuroa is on a mission to redefine the future of homeware with the launch of its sustainable bedding range. 

The textile industry is a problem, and the cotton sheets we sleep in are not helping. 

🙁 In addition to the carbon intensity, one cotton t-shirt uses 2700 litres of water to produce (the equivalent of what an average person drinks over a 2 ½ year period). Now consider that your average king-size bed sheet uses 20 times more cotton than that. 

🙁 Cotton accounts for about 2.4% of the world’s cultivated land but uses approximately 10% of the world’s insecticides, making it one of the most pesticide-intensive crops3.

🙁 Moreover, cotton degrades the soil, impacts biodiversity and is often associated with poor labour practices. 

Kuroa products are made using 100% Tencel, made from the pulp of sustainably certified forests. Tencel uses dramatically less water to produce due to its completely closed-loop production process and naturally cultivated FSC forests; it doesn’t need a cocktail of harmful pesticides to grow or extract and is low carbon. It doesn’t stop there; In addition to the Tencel, Kuroa uses recycled labels, thread, wooden buttons and elastic in fitted sheets, with offcuts being reincarnated as beautiful packaging.

As well as raising the bar in sustainability, Kuroa products are designed to look great and feel fantastic. 
Handcrafted in Portugal, Kuroa bedding is…

  • Silky-soft & comfortable giving you the most luxurious night’s sleep.
  • Exceptionally breathable, helping to optimise body temperature.
  • Hypoallergenic, keeps bacteria at bay and is kind on sensitive skin.
  • All materials are chosen for high performance and low impact. 
  • And made to be remade, being biodegradable and recyclable.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Feature Kuroa: Comfortable & Sustainable Bedding

Brief: We are looking to gift items from our luxurious bedding range (worth up to £249) in exchange for social content and conversations that communicate the significant environmental and health benefits of buying Kuroa bedding vs standard cotton/polyester sheets. 

We want to show people you can have style as well as sustainability in your home. 

We will happily provide more information on sustainability and the material science behind our products.

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Fit this brief: Additionally interested in sleep

Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment, Health, Home, Lifestyle

Are based in: U.K. (We are a United Kingdom only brand)

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Affiliate Commission, Gifted Product, Contact For More Details

Closing date: 23rd October 2023

This Campaign Is Now Closed


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