Closed: Try Out nookary’s New Eco-friendly All Purpose Probiotic Cleaner!

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About The Brand

Name: nookary

About: nookary is a specialist online retailer of sustainable and ethical household essentials. Founded in 2020 by Jacqueline Smith, an ex-techpreneur, nookary was created to help consumers make choices that are better for the planet and that make them feel good about themselves and proud of their toxin-free home environments. Aimed at facilitating these small changes which will add up to a big difference, Jacqueline is now launching nookary’s own brand range of sustainable, toxin-free, eco-friendly refillable cleaning products that really work. 

The new nookary All-Purpose Probiotic Cleaner is nookary’s first own-brand natural all-purpose household probiotic cleaning spray with refillable pouches that’s as high performing as it is eco-friendly – and also smells amazing.

Evocatively scented with natural essential oils, nookary All-Purpose Probiotic Cleaner comes in a beautifully designed, amber-coloured refillable, recyclable glass spray bottle that any eco-aware, style-conscious homeowner will be proud to show off on their worktop.

Developed and made in the UK, the unique, VOC-free, non-toxic probiotic formula uses specially selected live Bacillus strains of bacteria to safely and effectively clean every type of surface in the home: not just bathrooms and kitchens – it’s great at tackling limescale – but hard floors and even mirrors and windows.

Even better, nookary’s hard-working bacteria carry on cleaning long after you’ve stopped wiping, helping to keep surfaces hygienic and germ-free in between cleans, giving you more time to do literally anything else!

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Try out nookary’s new eco-friendly all purpose probiotic cleaner that smells delicious and really works!

Brief: We have a limited number of fabulous Gift/Review Boxes containing the nookary Probiotic Cleaner glass bottle, refill pack and a selection of additional goodies. We’re looking for reviewers who fit the following profile:

  • You are house proud and love to have things in your home that are ethical, sustainable and beautifully practical
  • You like to be the first and lead from the front with new eco-home trends
  • You are happy to pay for premium, non-toxic eco-products as long as they work well
  • You are interested in a natural lifestyle, care for the environment and will be keen to reduce your household waste.
  • You may also be into organic food, veganism, eco-parenting, and natural interior products
  • You may also have tried natural cleaning products before but haven’t yet changed over to a reliable brand, we’d like to try to change your mind!

If this sounds like you, and you’d like to be the first to try a new eco-friendly, non-toxic, beautifully-scented cleaning product that continues to clean for up to three days after use, please contact us to find out more. We’ll send you a starter-pack, gift and some other lovely household eco-goodies to help you give your home a lovely green clean. Please state whether you are happy to consider gifted product in return for review

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Cover these categories: Environment, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Parenting, Vegan

Are based in: United Kingdom

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Gifted Product, Contact For More Details

Closing date: 12th November 2021

This Campaign Is Now Closed