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About The Brand

Name: Proposition Studios

About: Proposition Studios is the first UK arts organisation focused on reimagining our civilizations role in the biosphere and inspiring public dialogue on THE HUMAN AS PART OF ECOLOGY. 

Established as a charity in 2018, our core functions are

i) to build bridges between expert landworkers and scientists who are developing regenerative farming practices, and creatives who are passionate about exploring and transforming our civilizations relationship to the natural world.

ii) to empower grassroots artists so that they can be financially self-sufficient and enabled to make work in a challenging economic environment.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Terra Nexus Immersive Exhibition

Brief: A labyrinth of 18 interconnected artist worlds, questioning the role of The Human As Part of Ecology. An immersive exhibition designed with social distancing. Curated by Gabriella Sonabend.

Terra Nexus is an immersive experience featuring 25 artists produced by Proposition Studios. It invites the audience into a multi-sensory labyrinth of interconnected worlds to unravel a story which weaves together diverse insights into our relationship with the biosphere.

Springing from the foundational idea that we need to shift away from a narrative of human dominion and independence in order to protect the biosphere, Terra Nexus installations explore: the necessity of living soil; the perpetual migration of species; the cascading threat of impending extinctions; ways to reconnect with nature; conflict arising from depleted resources; the future of cities and how humans will live within them. From the perspectives of insects and animals, through the eyes of scientists, artificial intelligence, plant life, ancient cultures and conflicting contemporary viewpoints; Terra Nexus is a wormhole of ideas.

Warping sensory experiences, excavating, weaving between co-existing timelines and suggesting alternative histories; this is the first of a series of immersive projects by Proposition Studios asking the viewer to raise their own questions about THE HUMAN AS PART OF ECOLOGY, what that means today, in the past, and for future generations.

In preparation for this project the exhibiting artists took part in an intensive research residency, visiting sites where human intervention has dramatically increased biodiversity while providing for human needs: Martin Crawford’s Forest Garden in Devon, Knepp Rewilding in Sussex and Prof. Wolfe’s Wakelyns Agroforestry in Suffolk. The artists tour also converged with the renowned science writer and trailblazing food campaigner Colin Tudge in Oxford.

These world experts who are working to regenerate the biosphere and address global food problems have inspired artworks that respond to their cutting edge science, biodiverse agriculture, environmental activism and deeply researched and practical ideas. 

All proceeds from this exhibition will go directly towards paying the exhibiting artists, funding our future immersive exhibitions and research projects working with a growing network of scientists, philosophers, activists, land workers and creatives. Proposition Studios is committed to empowering artists to be financially self-sufficient.

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