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About The Brand

Name: ReBorn

About: The homewares industry consists of many thousands of beautiful products. However, almost all of these items are made in the Far East from virgin materials – with significant carbon emissions involved in both manufacture and transportation. Moreover, most homware products are non recyclable or repairable at end of life, so they ulltimately end up in landfill.

ReBorn aims to change that by offering the world’s first range of stylish homewares that are

  • All made locally in the UK
  • All made from recycled materials
  • All repairable & recyclable at the of life. So they can be “ReBorn again”.

This results in 79% less carbon emissions than equivalent products made from virgin materials in the Far East.

The ReBorn range launched exclusively in John Lewis in September 2023 and has many exciting launch plans ahead, The initial range, which starts from £12.99, initially comprises a selection of kitchen sinkside and home storage products 

  • Cutlery Drainer: RRP. £19.99
  • Sink Tidy: RRP. £19.99
  • Utensil Holder: RRP. £16.99
  • Roll Holder: RRP. £16.99
  • Washing Bowl: RRP. £34.99
  • Large Dish Draining Rack: RRP. £64.99
  • Compact Draining Rack: RRP. £49.99
  • Multi Hanger (pack of 5): RRP. £12.99

The business founded by Brian Walmsley (previously a director at Johnson & Johnson and Joseph Joseph) in partnership with Studio Davis (product design), Biffa, who sort & process the recycled materials and Brunel University who test the products & materials.

ReBorn is on a mission transform the sustainability of the global homewares industry, and we would love for you to be a part of that journey.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: ReBorn Homewares Launch

Brief: The UK spends an incredible £7 billion a year in the UK along on equipping our homes with the latest kitchenware, bathroom and utility products. However, these products come at a huge cost to our climate – in terms of carbon emissions and landfill. We’d love for you to join us in helping change the industry for the better.

We would love to showcase the products and brand story together with you – in order to show the both the aesthetics and positive impact people can have, by making a simple choice in where they buy their homewares. The initial production delivered into John Lewis over the first 6 weeks has already saved 4,898kg of waste for landflll and 85,290kg of carbon emissions, based on the lifecycle analysis from Brunel.

We are looking to gift items from our new collection in order to help with this.

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Cover these categories: Environment, Home

Are based in: UK

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Closing date: 27th November 2023

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