Closed: Face Facts. The Ugly Side of Beauty. For Earth Day. 22.04.23


About The Brand


About: We are SBTRCT (pronounced Subtract). Expert Skincare Meets Sustainability, a multi-award-winning, luxury zero-waste skincare brand, developing solid alternatives to skincare fundamentals.  

Our mission is to provide the highest performing skincare with the lowest environmental impact, SBTRCT solid products are all plastic free, waterless, vegan, cruelty & palm oil free. 

The range includes a solid Cleanser, Moisturising Balm, Exfoliator, Make-Up Melt, Vitamin C and Night Balm with Granactive Retinoid all within compostable packaging.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: Face Facts. The Ugly Side of Beauty. Earth Day – Saturday 22nd April

Brief: SBTRCT is in business to reduce the beauty industry’s negative impact on the environment. The beauty industry creates more than 120 million pieces of plastic packaging a year – 91% of which is NOT recycled. By 2050 there is expected to be more plastic than fish in our oceans unless we change behaviors. The only solution is to make less plastic. 

This Earth Day, our new ‘Face Facts’ campaign sees us use our solid products as placards. Calling on consumers to Face Facts and be mindful of the ugly side of beauty.

Our call to action is:  

  • If everyone swapped just one product to a solid alternative, we would save millions of tonnes of plastic a year. Swap one of your personal care products to a solid or plastic free alternative to prevent millions of pieces of plastic a year from entering our oceans, our bodies, our mountains, our world. 
  • To sign the Earth Day petition for a global plastics treaty – calling on governments to do more, more quickly to reduce plastic.
  • Exclusive 20% off code to get your followers started on their switch to solid journey.


  • Ideal output: Instagram Reels / Stories / TikTok
  • Include campaign imagery
  • Include the #LessIsMore
  • Tag @sbtrctskincare on Instagram & @sbtrct_skincare on TikTok

Some ideas for your storytelling: 

  • Swipe your current plastic skincare products off the shelf – to be replaced by your chosen SBTRCT product.
  • Highlight how much plastic waste the beauty industry generates & then show how there is zero plastic in your SBTRCT product & accessory.
  • Showing the product you’re going to swap out of your daily skincare routine & then replace this with your SBTRCT zero waste alternative.

*Gifted product value £35+

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Fit this brief: Available to post content from 17th-19th April please.

Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment

Are based in: United Kingdom (We are currently only available in the UK so UK based influencers only please.)

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Gifted Product

Closing date: 21st April 2023

This Campaign Is Now Closed


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