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About The Brand

Name: Style Snatch


Our Why

For the last 10 years, we’ve watched the fast fashion houses of the UK grow their profits from thousands of pounds to tens of millions of pounds with no concern for the environment and no concern for the unethical impacts of their businesses on lesser economically established countries. 

We’ve watched as these fast fashion houses have used bully-boy tactics and promises of high volume orders to suppress the wages of their workers and drain the suppliers of an opportunity to pay staff fairly. 

We’ve watched as businesses have promoted a ‘wear it once and bin it’ culture while taking no responsibility for the increased landfill requirements, the irreversible water and air pollution and subsequent damage to the ecosystems on land and water. 

But we can’t sit back and watch this take place any longer.

What is StyleSnatch?

Simply put, StyleSnatch is the ethical, considerate, and environmentally friendly alternative to fast fashion. 

StyleSnatch still offers the best styles and looks, without asking the customer to spend obscene amounts for the ethics involved on how we responsibly source and package our clothing. 

But this perfect combination between; style, price, ethical purchasing and transparency comes with an honesty-led unwritten agreement between us and you. 

The StyleSnatch Honesty Policy

To be clear, this Honesty Policy does not affect your statutory rights, and nor does it legally impact how you snatch your styles; but it is something that we ask you to agree to in good conscience, and it has 4 Pillars.

1) No Bracketing 
‘Bracketing’ is the term fashion retailers use when people buy multiple sizes and colours of the same item with the intention of returning the majority of the order. 

Don’t get us wrong, we understand that from time to time you might not be too sure what size you are and you might need to return an item if the fit is not great for you. To help you avoid needing to order 3-4 sizes of the same item, we will endeavour to make the measurements of our clothing as transparent as possible, and make the returns / exchange process as smooth as possible. 

2) No Short Term Buys
Buying something to wear just once on a night out and then binning it or returning it goes against everything that StyleSnatch believes in. Why? Well it is simple. It takes almost 80 years for cotton to break down in landfills, and more than 700 gallons of water are polluted to make a single cotton shirt. And that isn’t good for the environment. We work with our suppliers closely to ensure that every organic product we design is high quality and made to last. 

3) Our Packaging Is Recyclable… So Recycle It

We have put a lot of effort into making sure that our packaging and delivery process is as environmentally friendly as possible. We do this so that we aren’t further damaging the environment; if you could dispose of the packaging in the recycling bin to complete the cycle that would be much appreciated.

4) Don’t Buy Too Much From Us

Yes… You heard us right! We know that this may seem bad for our business, but it is a big win for the environment. No one needs to be buying clothes every week, so we don’t want your boredom buys, in fact we don’t think you should be making boredom buys at all (your bank can thank us later). We ask that you don’t shop with us more than twice a month; and if you do need a full wardrobe refresh then get in touch with us and we can work out the best way for you to shop our full collection.

Organic Is Important To Us

You might have noticed that all of our clothes are advertised as Organic. It is true. The suppliers that we work with, aside from being Fair Trade assessed, are GOTS certified. 

GOTS is the acronym for Global Organic Textiles Standard. This means that our suppliers are committed to;
– Only using Organic Fibres
– Upholding an Ecological Standard to protect the environment
– Upholding a Social Sustainability Standard to protect the workers

You can read more about what GOTS means, and why we’re committed to only working with GOTS manufacturers here.

Now The Serious Bit Is Done…

We hope that you can go ahead and snatch the hottest styles in the same mindfulness that we had when we designed them. If you’d like to learn more about our views, our opposition to fast fashion, and our StyleSnatch story check out our blog.

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