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About The Brand

Name: The Big Exchange

About: We were co-founded by The Big Issue and are building an ecosystem of financial products that help you make your money count for more. We have an investment platform with ethical funds which we independently assess for impact, a money management tool to help people make better financial decisions and are building out an ethical marketplace.

Starting with investing and money management, The Big Exchange will continue to grow and help people to drive real change to people and the planet. Whether it is lowering carbon emissions, managing your budgets, or aligning your money to your values, using The Big Exchange can help.

We want the financial system to work for everyone. We want it to contribute solutions to the world’s biggest challenges: a climate crisis and social inequality. Purpose and mission is critical to us. In November 2020 we changed our company articles. From then, whenever we make a decision, we have a legal obligation to not only take into account the interests of our shareholders, but also all stakeholders: including the environment and society.

The Influencer Campaign

Campaign: The Big Exchange Free Money Management App

Brief: We’re doing this activity to promote awareness of our free to download app that helps people manage their money. We have two possible campaigns we would like to talk to you about.

Campaign 1: Raise general awareness of the free to download app

Campaign 2: Raise awareness of the free to download app with a focus on the rental recognition module (which allows people to register rental payments to help build their credit score)

We’d like you to create a piece of content and review that demonstrates these features mentioned above – how easy it is to download and create an account, connect your bank accounts (and for Campaign 2 – show the rental recognition). Depending on your medium, it would be great to drive engagement so would be open to a poll or to asking followers to drop a comment about their money habits or how they feel about money, impact investing etc. This would be helpful for us to get insights into your audience.

Please submit your ideas using the application form, and we will get back to you if we’d like to go ahead

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Fit this brief: We are looking for people who help people manage their money, using their money to make an impact or are generally interested in frugality, but are happy to chat to anyone – please submit your ideas using the application form, and we will get back to you if we’d like to go ahead.

Cover these categories: Environment, Lifestyle, Other, Technology

Are based in: UK Only

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Contact For More Details

Closing date: 17th July 2022

This Campaign Is Now Closed


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