Catalina of Imperfect Sustainable Life(style)

Catalina of Imperfect sustainable life(style) | Ethical Influencers


Name: Catalina
Instagram: Imperfect Sustainable Life(style)
Categories: Environment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel

About Catalina

Catalina’s conscious journey started years ago when she saw the little acts performed by her family. Catalina grew up in the countryside, in a small Romanian village. Her life already involved swapping, repairing, and passing clothes from generation to generation, buying second-hand and locally, and growing fruits and veggies. Seven years ago, Catalina moved to the UK, and while she discovered how many vintage shops exist, she also realised the vast (fashion) market and how big consumerism is. And she felt in the trap too.

Catalina is a strong believer that perfectionism stops us from trying new things, and this includes sustainability. Now, Catalina shares tips on slow-style, vintage finds, and travel. She loves giving old clothes a future, and living her version of a happy, fulfilled life.


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