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Name: Celine
Blog: Style At No5 Interiors
Categories: Home, Lifestyle

About Celine

Celine Gill is an Interior Designer based in Limerick, Ireland. She works predominantly with residential clients, as well as writing a blog on sustainable interior design and undertaking workshops and talks on the subject. Her work focuses on sustainability and improving how people live in their homes.

Celine takes a holistic approach to design, considering how people want to feel in their homes and how they use the space day-to-day. Recognising that homes evolve over time, Celine focuses on making spaces adaptable to different phases of life. Sustainability and flexibility of spaces are crucial elements in her designs, ensuring that they stand the test of time.

Celine collaborates with Irish suppliers and craftspeople. She values their expertise and experience and seeks to bring that to her own work. Celine loves to promote Irish artists and local companies, bringing their stories and inspiration to her clients . There is nothing better than connecting an artist with a home owner who loves their work but might never have discovered it. Her core values are Sustainability, Connection and Creativity.


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