Char of One Green Autist

Char of One Green Autist | Ethical Influencers


Name: Char
Instagram: One Green Autist
Categories: Environment, Fashion, Free From, Lifestyle, Other, Parenting, Vegan

About Char

Char is an Autistic mother in a neurodiverse family, trying to live as sustainably as possible. Char shares #musingsonautisticmotherhood on Instagram and their blog – snippets of her personal experience as an Autistic adult, womxn, and mother; and her own take on eco-friendly living.

Char has a vegan family, making sustainable switches, such as reusable, low waste products and minimising their consumption. Char also has a huge focus on Autism advocacy and activism, in the hope of reframing the damaging stereotypes of Autistic people that are so prevalent.


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