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Name: Chloe
Instagram: Nyxie’s Nook
Categories: Health, Home, Lifestyle, Other

About Chloe

Chloe, more widely known as Nyxie, is a thirty-something cat mum with a passion for writing, illustrating and video games. Her writing is predominantly focused on mental health, general wellness & eating disorder recovery. This list is constantly evolving and Nyxie has been known to take on book reviews, interior advice and even articles on pet care. Niche down? Never!

Nyxie’s Nook explores many aspects of recovery, relapse, depression, and anxiety and is a place for others to talk about their own battles. Some posts are her own perspective, while others are written by experienced guests. Over time Nyxie’s Nook has also become a place to talk about many aspects of life. From dating to creativity, Nyxie loves to cover different topics to suit all.


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