Declaring Ads & Sponsored Content

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Did you know, it’s an influencer’s responsibility to make sure they’re operating in a lawful way?

That means it’s your responsibility to declare ads and sponsored content, in a way that meets the laws applicable to you.

When it comes to working with brands, the rules around declaring sponsored content often aren’t mentioned. Some agencies, brands, and platforms do provide this information within their briefs, but not all. And they don’t need to! Whether there is payment exchanging hands, or another form of compensation going on, they are essentially hiring you to create the sponsored content, and declare it.

How you do that, is up to you. However, at Ethical Influencers we want to empower all influencers to operate in an ethical way, and believe your audiences deserve the right to know when they are being advertised to.

In this free course, you will learn how to legally declare ads and sponsored content, as well as more ethical ways to do so.

We’d like to support all our influencers in making the most of their blogs, and for many, that means working with brands on a paid basis. Here’s what you need to know when you start making sponsored content, both from a legal and an ethical stand point.


Course Structure

  1. What Counts As An Ad?
  2. The Rules For Gifting
  3. Real Life vs. Endorsement
  4. Advertising Law For Influencers
  5. Quiz: Spot The Ad
  6. Social Media Platforms Rules & Tools
  7. Ethical Advertising For Influencers
  8. Why Is The Law Stricter For Influencers?



Besma Whayeb, Founder of Ethical Influencers

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Tom Scott, YouTuber

Pad 26, Production Company


Terms & Conditions

This guide has been created and compiled by Ethical Influencers and contains a combination of anecdotal advice and industry insights. However, we cannot verify the financial or legal precedent for all information included in this guide. Please follow this guide at your own discretion and check with relevant professionals where required.