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Influencer pricing is often a difficult area to navigate. On one hand, influencers deserve to be compensated for their time, energy, and expertise. On the other hand, as a budding industry, there is no formal pay structure, and ‘competitive pricing’ can feel like a mystery.

It can also be easy to forget to factor in additional costs such as travel expenses, equipment, or tax.

And then, there are certain brands, agencies, and organisations who may try to negotiate prices down, or even offer no compensation at all.

On this course, you’ll learn how to price your work at a rate that works for you. You’ll be able to factor in influencer pricing as reported through national and international surveys and view examples of how fellow Ethical Influencers price their content. And best of all, you’ll learn how to best present yourself, your rates, and navigate pricing negotiations successfully.


Course Format

This is a digital course with 11 modules and a 16-page downloadable workbook for you to fill out and refer back to. Once you have purchased this course you can access it at any time.


Course Structure

1. The Influencer Pricing Mystery

2. The Cost & Value Of Content

3. Influencer Rates 2015-2022

4. Tools For Calculating Your Value

5. How To Create Your Rate Card

6. Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

7. The Value Of Exclusivity

8. Knowing Your Worth: Extras To Consider

9. Recognising The Influencer Pay Gap

10. How To Upscale Your Rates As You Grow

11. Will Influencers Ever Be Paid Fairly – As Standard?


Course Contributors

Ethical Influencers

Besma Whayeb (@besmacc)


Who Is This Course For?

Before you start this course, please ensure this course is right for you:

– You are creating content that you are considering monetising or have already monetised

– You are unsure of going market rates, or are looking to better understand the value of the content you offer

– You are considering working on content creation on a professional level going forwards


Terms & Conditions

This course has been created and compiled by Ethical Influencers and contains a combination of anecdotal advice and industry insights. However, we cannot verify the financial or legal precedent for all information included in this guide. Please follow this course at your own discretion and check with relevant professional bodies where necessary.

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