Closed: Feature Super Potent, Transformational (& 100% Natural) Skincare

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Name: The Clean Beauty Club

About us: The Clean Beauty Club makes incredible skincare that’s super potent and truly works. We create everything in small batches in the U.K. – but we’re not just like every other natural skincare line. Our products have been shown to truly transform skin. We have two serums which have been affectionately nicknamed ‘beauty sleep in a bottle’ and botox in a bottle’ by our customers. Our wonder balm is a truly cult product (for good reason) and our collection is growing all the time. 

We love to promote joy / positivity / beauty / fun. We love our 100% natural products – because they’re the perfect balance to the less than completely healthy lifestyle most of us actually live. We don’t need you to be perfect, drink kale every day and never eat pizza. Instead, we help tip the scale of your skin health back to positive – with the use of our legendary ingredients. Our skincare creates the glow of your wildest dreams (and helps you pretend you’ve had a decent sleep and no junk food for a while) 😉

The Feature Opportunity

Opportunity: Super potent, transformational (& 100% natural skincare)

Brief: We love seeing our products being used /shown demonstrated and reviewed by loads of different people. While our customers tell us how incredible the products are in private, they don’t all want to show their faces on our feed. We get that. We’d love to show your face if we can!

We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Cover these categories: Beauty

Are based in: U.K.

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Gifted Product

Closing date: 27th March 2021

This Opportunity Is Now Closed


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