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Name: Frugal & Green

About us: We are two friends, Marin and Alex, who designed a new kind of lens cleaner for glasses. We made it much more sustainable, user friendly and the best thing of all, it’s 10 cheaper than its plastic alternatives.

We achieved this by putting all the active cleaning ingredients (eco-friendly) in small tablets and by switching from plastic packaging to a durable glass spray bottle. The Lens Cleaner will come with two bottles—a glass spray bottle and a small bottle with 50 refill tablets. It will retail for €24.99 ($29.59).

We believe that one should not be paying a premium for ecological awareness. A good business model and clever product design mean you don’t pay a premium for ecological awareness. In this case, saving our planet saves you money too!

The Feature Opportunity

Opportunity: A sustainable Lens Cleaner for glasses

Brief: We are looking to spread the word about our Lens Cleaner, as we’ll be launching the product on Kickstarter in February of next year. We have 100 sets ready and would like to send them to those who like the concept, would care to try it themselves (or family members, friends?), and if they like it, spread the word.

Ideally we are looking for those active on Instagram, bloggers and vloggers.

Our main idea is making something sustainable and actually 10 times cheaper than the plastic alternatives on the market. So no more paying a higher price for being ecological, but actually doing something good for the environment and saving money at the same time. Which is also reflected in our name, Frugal & Green.

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Cover these categories: Environment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Other

Are based in: Global

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Compensation: Gifted Product

Closing date: 9th January 2021

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