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About The Brand

Name: Kairn

About us: Kairn is a unisex, plastic-free luxury skincare company. 
We started in 2014 and exist to help people love their skin, and care for it in a natural and eco-friendly way.  

Our range includes natural shave oils and soaps, skin washes, lotions, soaps and a zero-waste razor. We are soon to be launching a shampoo and conditioner and what we hope to be the world’s first plastic-free pipette to deliver eye and skin serum. It makes our entire range plastic-free. It’s indulgent, universal skincare for the environmentally-conscious consumer. And we think our packaging and product range is beautiful too. 

Key features:

  1. Unisex skincare range – naturally neutral and low-scent range
  2. Entirely plastic-free range, UK company
  3. Skin washes and soaps, skin and shave oils, aftershave skin lotions and balms
  4. Metal zero waste safety razor (called the Kairn Pencil razor)
  5. The Blaidmat, a strop which prolongs the life of razor blades (both safety razors and disposable razors).

Product story: Our products are designed with natural ingredients and materials to be used on all skin types. The base of the Kairn skincare range is natural oils (coconut, thistle, grapeseed, almond) which have for centuries been known to nourish and condition skin – both deep down and on the surface. To this, we add essential oils, botanicals (like sea buckthorn, lavender etc) and skin-enhancing products like squalene, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. 

All ingredients are responsibly sourced, free from parabens and not tested on animals. And our entire range is carefully packaged into glass or aluminium bottles, with aluminium lids and cardboard outer carriers for compostable packaging. 

We’re Plastic-Free: Our range is plastic-free because the planet cannot degrade plastic. We need to become environmentally neutral in how we live our lives, and cannot guarantee that plastic is locally recycled when glass, aluminium and card are. 

This is also why, in part, we have chosen to be unisex, as we want people to be able to share products if they want to. Less consumption = less waste. But more than that, we need to be more neutral in how we think, embracing what unites us rather than what divides us. 

Helping people love their skin: We want to embrace the common good as we welcome a more secular, open and liberal society, free from outmoded stereotypes and binaries. At Kairn we want to stand for everyone and anyone, without prejudice. 

And so our products are designed for everyone, using colour as a visual means of expressing the many shades of our individuality, on a utilitarian bottle fit for, and designed for, all. 

To this end, we want to work to bring more positive role models and a more mature discussion about self-worth and identity. Whilst the freedom and opportunity to be unique is greater than ever, the drop in self-esteem and rise in self-harm is unquestionable. We want to play a part in changing that. 

See more at kairn.co.uk or @kairnskincare on Instagram.

The Feature Opportunity

Opportunity: Discover and (please) share our plastic-free skincare and shaving company, Kairn

Brief: Can you help us get our story out there?

We think we have a great company, product range and story to tell.

We want to show that there is an alternative to over-packaged, high-volume skincare companies. 

We want to encourage people to invest more time in their skin, and skincare routines.

We want to champion individuality, believing we’re all supranatural, and our skin is our canvas. 

And we want people to use plastic-free, natural and low-to-zero-waste products.  

We want to get people writing about us, involving us, and sharing our story. Can you help with that? Whether that’s writing pieces for us, sharing our story or connecting us with others. We’d love your help and support.

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Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment, Health, Lifestyle

Are based in: UK, EU, North America

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Compensation: Affiliate Commission, Gifted Product

Closing date: 30th July 2020

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