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About The Brand


About us: WEARUNITY is a minimalist concept brand that redefines the principles of conscious consumerism.

Each purchase directly supports a cause we believe in.

WEARUNITY believes in the integrity of changing just one life, and each collection of organic fair trade t-shirts represents a cause we are a passionate about.

Each collection has thoughtfully been designed to bring awareness and support to a different but equally important issue, and we hope that you can find one that resonates with you.

With each purchase you make we are able to give back to those in need through a 1 for 1 scheme (as with our Chalice t-shirt which goes towards providing sanitary products for women in need).

United one person can make difference for many.


The Feature Opportunity

Opportunity: Influencers wanted to feature and review gifted garment

About: We want to build ongoing relationships with influencers/bloggers/writes who are passionate about ethical & conscious fashion/female empowerment/sustainability/veganism/activism to share the concept of WEARUNITY

We are open to all proposals of collaboration ideas that could mutually benefit us and the influencers we work with.

Currently, we are looking for women we can gift a t-shirt to, in return for a review and promotion of our first product.

You will receive an organic fair-trade Chalice T-shirt

The Chalice is the first of our Conscious Collection.

The chalice represents the sacred feminine and the cycle of womanhood.

Unfortunately for many women, their monthly cycle is far from a sacred experience. In preference to providing shelter, food and other support to women in need, providing for their sanitary needs is often overlooked.

Every month a woman just like you is faced with her menstrual cycle with no access to safe and hygienic products. Our Chalice Collection aims to ease the burden of one woman’s experience with each purchase.

The purchase of one t-shirt goes towards the purchase of one menstrual cup or pack of reusable cotton pads for a woman in need so that she has the ability to face her menstrual cycle with dignity and confidence.

The menstrual cups we donate are surgical grade silicone and are discreet and reusable, offering a safe and hygienic solution every single month.

Your one-time purchase of a Chalice t-shirt offers months and possibly years or dignified and safe menstrual cycles.

Currently, WEARUNITY is partnered with Femme International & Bloody Good Period.

Each purchase directly supports these causes.


We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel

Are based in: UK, Australia, US, Canada


In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Gifted product

Closing date: 24th October 2018



This Opportunity is Now Closed


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