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Name: With Many Roots

About us: The climate crisis together with rising inequality is the biggest issue of our time- through workshops, mentoring and words, With Many Roots will help you find your place in the movement.

I’m Sophia, founder of With Many Roots and one of the now 1000 Ethical Influencers in this group! Since Covid-19 I’ve shifted towards being more entrepreneurial and I’m working out what entrepreneurship in a climate crisis looks like. Using my decade in comms experience I am now focused on offering workshops tackling climate science and climate silence; making the science more accessible and empowering people to talk about these topics more effectively. Since launching we have reached more than 200 people in 30+ countries. We run tiered pricing, targeting corporates at higher price points and offering subsidised and free workshops for grassroot communities. 

I am looking to raise awareness of these workshops, sell individual spots and whole workshops, and raise awareness of the brand. I am also curious to support other Ethical Influencers out there who communicate important topics to help you join the dots. Because if you can join the dots, you can help your readers do the same. So, like reaching writers and journalists, this audience is really interesting to me.

10% of business profits is donated to charity via the Giving What You Can Pledge. An additional 10% of income from these workshops goes to support the Climate Collage NGO.

You can get more of a feel for me over on the blog:

The Feature Opportunity

Opportunity: Improve your climate literacy | Meet other Ethical Influencers | Share the experience with your community

Brief: I would like to see how many influencers here are interested in upping their climate literacy by participating in my main current product, the Climate Collage – 2.5 hour interactive workshop where we map out the drivers, mechanisms and consequences of climate change. 

I can offer this workshop for free to Ethical Influencers – the usual cost is £25+ for individuals, £1500+ for corporate groups. If you accept your participation is expected (I am SO tired of no shows)

We would then host these workshops, in groups of 5-7 especially for Ethical Influencers, so it’s not only a learning experience but a powerful networking experience for us all (I strongly believe we will be more effective when we work together and that starts by us getting to know each other).

The expectation is then that you will write a blog post about your experience of the workshop on your blog with a backlink. Then share this blog on your socials tagging With Many Roots. NOTE: could also be podcast interview, I’m open to ideas.

Here’s a few blog posts in the similar spirit to what I’m proposing here: 

Beyond that, the opportunities are up for discussion, would you like to help raise the climate literacy of your readers? You community? We can work together and arrange regular paid workshops for your community. You can offer practical actions for your readers and I can meet my aim to raise climate literacy + get regular paid gigs in the calendar! Do you work with corporates? Or wealthy communities? Help me reach audiences who can pay £1500 for workshops? And take 15% referral fee. 

Ultimately I would like to build a powerful network of referrals who share the same desire to have impact, build sustainable businesses and develop meaningful partnerships.

If I’ve piqued your interest get in touch and when there’s 6+ of us I’ll be in touch with a Doodle to get our workshop in the diary.


We’re Looking For Influencers Who…

Fit this brief: Ethical influencers of all kinds are invited to participate, whether you know a lot about climate change or not. 

Climate Change isn’t just a ‘green issue’ it’s a food issue, fashion issue, parenting issue, travel issue etc – I invite influencers to join and then interpret the workshop from their perspective for their audiences.

I value authenticity and integrity and would like to see that reflected in the people I work with.

Cover these categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Free From, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Other, Parenting, Technology, Travel, Vegetarian, Vegan

Are based in: Global

In Return, You’ll Get…

Compensation: Affiliate Commission, Free Entry

Closing date: 22nd March 2021

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