Gvantsa Ivanishvili

Gvantsa Ivanishvili | Ethical Influencers


Name: Gvantsa
Instagram: ivanishviligvantsa
Categories: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

About Gvantsa

Gvantsa is a fashion/beauty influencer. Her blog mainly covers fashion/ lifestyle, but as a big fan of beauty products (such as skincare, haircare, and makeup), Gvantsa always strives to share her diverse experience with her community.

These past years have been very eventful for Gvantsa; she’s been working with clothing and beauty brands, and her social media page have grown rapidly.

As an influencer, Gvantsa has her own views about influencer responsibilities, especially when it comes to making an impact on others. She always generates and researches ideas for posts, spreads her honest views, and educates others about a product or service. Gvantsa is always focused on reviewing and adopting ever-changing trends.


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