Hannah Conway

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Name: Hannah
Instagram: _hannahconway
Categories: Environment, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Lifestyle, Parenting

About Hannah

Hannah has been interested in sustainability for a few years and started her journey in becoming more sustainable in 2020. After moving out with her boyfriend, she was bought a reusable Chilly Bottle, which got her thinking about why this would be the perfect present to give someone. Since then Hannah has been constantly finding ways to make her life more sustainable, finding eco swaps that she can make to be kinder to the planet, as well as finding ways to become more sustainable with swaps, and eating seasonally.

After finding out she was pregnant last November, one of Hannah’s aims as a mum is to show and explain to her daughter the importance of being sustainable and caring for our planet, showing her things they can do as a family and alone to be more conscious.

Hannah has created her account on Instagram to show people what we can do for our planet, and if we all make a few small changes together we can make such a difference to not only her generation but the future generations to come.


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