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About Hannah

Hannah Rudd is a marine biologist, science communicator and photographer – and she also doesn’t like boxes. As both a creative and a scientist there are many ‘hats’ Hannah wears and she believes that diversity is the spice of life. 
Our oceans, and sharks in particular, really set her soul on fire. Hannah’s passion for sharks has taken her across the world from researching whale sharks in the Maldives to studying great white sharks in South Africa. Combining this with her love of writing, in 2022 her first book will published with Bloomsbury Publishing on UK seas and how we can all do our bit to save them. Hannah also loves to chat about the big blue on podcasts and film, featuring on shows like For What Its Earth and the Waterwoman Podcast.
Sustainable travel is also close to her heart and she believes it is a key tool for a better future for both our environment and our global community. Speaking of our global community, Hannah is also passionate about the representation of women in the sciences. Through exploring the experiences of women in her field, Hannah created Leading Women in Marine Science and will host its new podcast in 2021. She is also a youth advocate for our planet as a member of the Youth For Our Planet group and being a WWF Changemaker.
Through combining her scientific background and love for our natural world with photography, film making and public-speaking, Hannah aspires to educate and inspire the public on taking pivotal action for our natual world. As part of this work, Hannah loves working with brands who share the same values and ethos as her for protecting our planet. We all have a voice and Hannah believes in the power of using your voice to power the changes you want to see in the world.

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