Our Big Clothes Swap: The Haulternative Closet

Haulternative Closet Clothes Swap Rail with Token Sign
Haulternative Closet Clothes Swap at 42 Acres Shoreditch

We held another clothes swap, and we’re delighted to say it was our most successful one yet!

The Haulternative Closet is an event series designed by Ethical Influencers Founder Besma Whayeb, and her Co-Founders Ella Chippendale of The Fashion Common Room, Megha Shah and Rosemary Pickering of Uhuru London.

Working in collaboration, they put on last week’s luxury clothes swap, seeing over 60 visitors bring their best unworn pieces to swap.

The Ethical Influencers community was invited to join in with the swap, and make the most of existing fashion, finding joy in new styles and pieces brought along by other swappers.

We estimate over 300 pieces of clothing were swapped on the night, as well as many a non-alcoholic cocktail drunk, and many a smile made! The feedback on the night, and on social media afterwards, has been overwhelmingly positive, and the aim is to put on another event for SS20.

Haulternative Closet: Event Partners

Alongside the swap, the Haulternative Closet was supported by:

42 Acres – Sustainable event space and retreats in Shoreditch and Somerset, who kindly provided their space for our swap.

Beanbroidery – Embroidery applied to pre-loved clothing, and the duo behind our free embroidery workshop as pictured above.

Boodi Jewellery – Eco vegan jewellery made from recycled materials, we were delighted to have Boodi display alongside our swap.

DePloy London – Sustainable style for smart women, Deploy kindly provided a number of items for the swap .

Eco Furniture Hire – Family-run furniture hire business who provided the tables for our stalls, bar, and workshop room.

Every Origin – Handmade and eco-friendly gifts which made for a lovely stall to visit during our swap.

Global Fashion Exchange – Network providing publicity for clothes swaps, who kindly supported us in getting our name out there!

Herb Clinic London – Marie & Sophie, who shared their wisdom with us in their tea and skincare workshop.

Mayamiko – Sustainable fashion brand focusing on female empowerment, who provided a brilliant selection of pieces for our swap.

Medocup – Stainless steel pint cup brand who displayed at our event and provided swappers with a more sustainable way to drink!

Pebble Magazine – My favourite digital sustainable magazine, who shone a spotlight on our event (and likewise, make sure you head to their Conscious Christmas market later this year!)

Random Leon – Whimsical upcycled fashion brand (who travelled all the way from Paris to show their collection at our event!)

Senser Spirits – High end non-alcoholic spirits brand, who put on a bar for us with a range of classy botanically-active cocktails!

Haulternative Closet Team

About The Haulternative Closet

The Haulternative Closet is a clothes swap event series created by Besma Whayeb, Megha Shah, Ella Chippendale, and Rosemary Pickering. Four female founders operating in the sustainable fashion space, they connected over their love of clothes, and as friends established the Haulternative Closet, a joyful way to enjoy fashion without an impact.

Keep up with the Haulternative Closet, and hear about their upcoming events, over on Instagram: @haulternativecloset


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