Here’s To Our Mothers

Here's To Our Mothers

In the run up to Mother’s Day (in the UK), we thought it was right to dedicate some time to the wonderful women in our lives. We all have a mother, or a mother figure, in our lives. So take some time to celebrate the the mums, moms, grandmas, and nanas. Celebrate the mother hens and the new mothers. Celebrate the fathers in the world who cared for us like mothers. And then there’s the teachers, the mentors, the aunties, and sisters. To all the women who have guided us and raised us – thank you for being there when we need you, for listening to our problems no matter how big or how small.

As this day of recognition draws closer, it is also a time we can use to reflect on Mother Earth. For some, this may be their only guide at times. How powerful, to stand amongst nature and take a breath in; let it guide you. We all have different lives and different ways of thanking our mothers, no matter the form they may take.

A few of our members have come together to write about some of the different ways to celebrate these inspiring people – we hope you enjoy their thoughts, and also take some time to enjoy the mothers in your life.


How to Tell the Mother In Your Life That You Love Her

Sponsor a Mother in Need


For Mothers Day this year I’m focusing on new mothers and mothers-to-be that need some support. It is easy to forget just how lucky we are in the UK, with the NHS, clean water, and a strong support system. Some pregnant women around the world don’t have access to what we can sometimes take for granted. So this year I am spreading awareness of CINI, a charity that supports a group of pregnant women and new mothers in a community in Darjeeling, providing them with important access to aid and healthcare, with an aim of reducing malnutrition in mothers and their newborn children.

Just 10 people sponsoring these women would make a huge difference to their lives, their children’s lives, and it also massively helps their communities.

It’s so inspiring to reflect on mothers around the world and what different roles and lives they may take. This year I feel it right to spread love to those mothers on our earth that need our help the most.

P.S. Love you Mum 🙂

Take The Whole Family Out


My hubs has always got me a huge bunch of flowers – which are beautiful but expensive and don’t last long. We had a think and for the same money all 6 of us can go to a family show at our local community theatre.

Gift a Potted Plant (That is Hard to Kill!)


Personally, I love potted plants so all of those which are almost impossible to kill is a winner. These are Snake Plant / Fiddle leaf fig/ Peace Lilly / Swiss Cheese plant / Philodendron / Aloe Vera / Jade Plant / Pothos plant aka the Devil’s ivy. / Barrel Cactus. They are low maintenance and improve air quality. Plus smaller versions of them can be picked up for under £10. Unless you can grow your own from your already existing plants.

Share a Cup of Tea & A Chat


I love a cup of tea. I’ve said it before; I think it’s the very British answer to meditation. Give me five minutes with a mug of herbal tea and I feel so much more relaxed – which is why I think gifting a cuppa and a chat can be one of the sweetest presents around. Having flown the nest years ago, returning home is always a lovely thing to do, and having a girly chat with my mum is a real treat.


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