How To Join In With Fashion Revolution Week

How to Celebrate Fashion Revolution Week | Ethical Influencers

Fashion Revolution Week is an annual celebration of ethical fashion, fair rights for garment workers, and a time to ask fast fashion brands “Who made my clothes?”

This year, Fashion Revolution Week falls at the end of April – Monday 22nd April – Sunday 28th April to be precise. And we’re ready for it! We’ll be hosting our first ever meet-up event in London, which will include a clothes swap and workshop on ethical fashion blogging. For those of you who can’t make it, there’s so many other ways to join in online – which is why we’ve put this guide together!

As influencers, we have the power to create change in fashion. We can use our voices, our creativity, and our platforms, to champion those that are cleaning up the fashion industry, and at the same time, invite others to do so too.

Whether you’re an ethical fashion influencer or not, you can support the movement by taking these few simple steps. And as Orsola de Castro says, “If you wear clothes, you’re part of fashion”, so feel free to get involved, whether you’re in the “frow” at Fashion Week or simply like a stroll around your local shopping centre on the weekend.

Meet-Up, Workshop & Clothes Swap | Ethical Influencers1. Join the Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution is growing and growing, and the time to get involved is now. Fashion Revolution began on the 24th April 2013 after a disaster in Bangladesh: The Rana Plaza building, home of five garment factories that were all manufacturing clothing for the western market, collapsed suddenly. 1,138 people died, and another 2,500 were injured. This made it the fourth largest industrial disaster to have ever happened in history. The victims were mostly young women, as is the norm with garment workers.

This disaster should never have happened – so out of it, a global movement was born.

To lose that many people, let alone anyone, for fashion, is too much. Since the disaster, people across the world have started coming together to use the power of social media to change the world. Fashion Revolution was created to demand that change. And if you haven’t joined in already – you’re definitely invited!

You can join Fashion Revolution by signing up for their newsletter, buying their fanzinesdonating to the cause, or taking one of the following steps…

2. Use Fashion Revolution’s influencer resources

As influencers, we have the power and the responsibility to be a force for good, and the fashion industry needs us too. Fashion is an industry that should value people, value the environment, and value equality. These are all possible whilst still showcasing high design and creativity, and still thriving as a successful and sustainable industry.

Fashion Revolution as an organisation believes that if we think differently about fashion and demand better, then positive change can happen. Cleaner, safer, fairer, and a more accountable fashion and textiles industry is not just a wish, it’s a demand.

Read How to Be a Fashion Revolutionary to learn more about how you can support the revolution, or download the Influencer Pack and Influencer Card right here.

3. Get involved by taking digital action

There are three main ways you can take action to further the Fashion Revolution:

  1. Email a chosen brand asking who made your clothes (follow this template)
  2. Use your voice on Twitter to ask a brand who made your clothes – tag the brand, @fash_rev and #whomademyclothes
  3. Share a photo on Instagram of you holding up a clothes label asking who made your clothes – tag the brand, @fash_rev and #whomademyclothes

We can also encourage others to do the same, and start the ball rolling! This can be something you do throughout the year, but you’ll find many people post these during Fashion Revolution Week, which is Monday 22nd April – Sunday 28th April this year.

4. Attend a Fashion Revolution Week event (or two, or three…)

With just one week to go until Fashion Revolution Week, it’s time to fill your calendar with events! There’s Fashion Revolution events happening all over the world, so make sure to check the full events calendar to find your nearest, or come along to our handpicked favourites…


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