How to Plan Your Content for the Year

Looking forward to publishing more content than ever this year? Us too! 2020 is set to be an even bigger year for sustainability, and to that end, our Content Calendar is our biggest yet!

Included in the 34-page A4 download is a bumper list of 300+ awareness days, a DIY content calendar layout, and content planning tools so you can nail your posts.

If you’ve already purchased the content calendar, or are thinking about doing so, here’s a few handy tips to help you improve your content further…

Select Your Content Themes

Have you ever run out of content? Or perhaps you’ve found there’s TOO MUCH to cover?

By deciding what you stand for as a content creator, you can avoid both of these issues. On my blog, Curiously Conscious, I focus on four areas: sustainable fashion, beauty, life, and travel. It sounds like a lot, but there’s plenty of other things I don’t cover!

If you’re looking to improve your content this year, start by selecting a few topics that mean a lot to you. This could be anything, from social justice, to gender equality, to zero-waste living. Set this out in your social media bios, put it on your blog’s about page, and soon you’ll find people know what you stand for.

To tie this in with your content, consider noting these topics at the front of your Content Calendar, and then highlighting all the awareness days that relate to your chosen themes.

Decide on How Frequently You’d Like to Post

Next, consider how frequently you’d like to publish content across your platforms.

Even if you don’t have consistent time across the week to write or create content, you can plan for your posts to go out with consistency.

And with over 300 days included in the calendar, it’s important to be realistic with how many you’re planning on covering!

Posting frequencies we recommend to ensure your audience keeps coming back for more:

  • Blog posts: 1-3 per week
  • Instagram posts: Up to 1 per day
  • Videos: 1 per week
  • Podcasts: 2-4 per month

Create Content in Batches

Now you know what you’d like to cover, and how often you’d like to post… It’s time to tie them all together with a ribbon!

In this year’s new and improved Content Calendar, there’s an empty 12-month DIY Calendar for you to write in all your planned posts, awareness days, and anything else you can think of!

And at the back, you’ll find templates for planning your content weeks and each post. By using a combination of these tools, you’ll be able to plan, photograph, write, and publish your content consistently.

And as we said before – even if you don’t have consistent time across the week to write or create content, you can plan for your posts to go out with consistency. Try photographing outfits or items in one go, recording interviews across a week, or doing research ahead of time, so you’re working between 5-14 days ahead of time.

Post a Mix of Planned and Off-The-Cuff Content

Finally – keep it authentic! Readers and followers love bloggers and influencers who post with passion and truth, so go for a mix of posts that are well-planned and created ahead of time, and mix in posts that happen in real time.

If you’re a feed fanatic (like me!), you may wish to post more of your ‘IRL’ content to your stories, or in places where there won’t be a permanent record of slightly blurry or poorly-lit photos.

Whatever your style – we hope our new Content Calendar will support you in planning your posts this year, as well as all our free content tutorials!

Besma Whayeb, Founder | Ethical Influencers

About Besma Whayeb

Besma Whayeb is the Founder of Ethical Influencers. As an ethical influencer herself, she created the platform to connect likeminded people spreading positivity across the internet.

Together, she believes we can all raise our profile and the causes that motivate us.

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