How Ethical Influencers Use Social Media

How We Use Social Media | Ethical Influencers

Social media has brought us all closer together over the last 15 years. More than ever, we share our thoughts, feelings, and discoveries. It’s become an important way to share more ethical living inspiration, but how do our Ethical Influencers best use it to get their messages across, and grow their audiences too?

We’ve spoken to four influencers who are doing it well, and three business-owners who share that same flair for all things online!

#1 Always Be Authentic

“Social media is about people and connecting with people. My tip is, be a friendly person, talk about things you like, things you don’t like, talk to people like you would in real life rather than people a faceless company. Say hi, reply to comments, ask questions, seek advice and feedback. Don’t preach or tell people what to do, lead by example, show them what you’re doing and talk about your own person ethics.” – Holly at No Serial Number Magazine

“Be true to yourself and have a consistent message. Make real connections with like minded people and be genuine. I love tweet chats like ethical hour to connect with like minded people, finding out new brands and hearing tips and tricks in general. Don’t worry about what you think people want to hear, worry about what you want to say.” Heather of A Reusable Life

“Be true to yourself. Share what sets your soul on fire and you’ll find others who feel the same way. Don’t worry about likes, worry about spreading your message in a positive way and really connecting with people.” – Jackie

#2 Value Your Connection

“Authenticity and genuine connection is important but also to some extent consistency – staying in tune with your real interests helps, as well as having a bit of a strategy with your content. Hashtagging and choosing which platforms you use is important.

Considering that it is just another way of being a part of a community, all the same rules apply online. Also scheduling has helped me – especially with Instagram. I have tried a lot but I now use Iconosquare.” – Alena of Soul Mamma

“Tweetchats (like #EthicalHour) are a brilliant way to find like minded people. Facebook is useful if you want to build up a community in a safe space and Instagram is a fast way to see and share life in pictures.” – Lisa of Less Stuff

#3 Be A Real Person

“Be a person talking to another person. I think it’s easy to obsess over how public figures create these huge “brands”. But that doesn’t mean you have to speak on social media like a company. The way these influencers have managed to grow their following and become a brand is by creating a relationship with their audience as an individual.” – Luisa of The Online Personal Stylist

#4 Keep It Consistent

“The biggest lesson I have learnt is to be consistent. Not always easy as I don’t agree with posting for the sake of posting. Quality is better than quantity. Focus on building relationships slowly and expect these to blossom over time. Ask questions. Be authentic. But most of all, be consistent in your message, who you are and what you stand for. 
And don’t expect social media to be a quick fix”. – Roberta of Ethical Brand Directory

#5 Don’t Fret About Numbers

“Don’t fret over followers numbers and don’t sell out – stay true to the message you want to get out. Chat to others in the community and get involved. Also, support other people in your niche!” – Tamsin of Eco Fluffy Mama


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