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Name: Ijeoma
Blog: Ijeoma Lyons
Categories: Beauty, Food, Health, Lifestyle, Other

About Ijeoma

Ijeoma, fondly known as Ij, is a creative who constantly chooses evolution and growth in all facets of her life. Mindfulness is crucial to her. Her ‘why’ is something she always draws her focus back to. It keeps Ijeoma grounded, inspired, and in tune with the present moment. She is a very proud African ( born and raised in Kenya by a Nigerian father and a Kenyan mother), and is also a wife and a homemaker to a fantastic British man. Ijeoma mentions these two facts about herself because they are core to who she is, the choices she makes, and how she sees the world.

Ijeoma focuses her energies on three platforms, Instagram, Youtube, and her blog. All her platforms are educative, thought provoking, and entertaining. This is because, for Ijeoma, all she is doing is telling a creative story and mindfully influencing her audience through her love for independent skincare, fragrance, and food.


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