Ina and Kunaal of Clean Living With IK

Ina and Kunaal of Clean Living With IK | Ethical Influencers


Name: Ina and Kunaal
Instagram: Clean Living With IK
Categories: Beauty, Environment, Fashion, Food, Home, Lifestyle, Other, Travel

About Ina and Kunaal

Ina and Kunaal are a married couple based out of New Jersey/New York, USA. They have recently started switching a lot of their daily use products to their respective cleaner and more sustainable alternatives. They have experienced the improvements first hand to their health and lifestyle from making these changes and now aim to spread awareness and promote a clean and sustainable lifestyle.

Through their Instagram account, Ina and Kunaal share a wide range of chemical free and sustainable products including cleaning products, bath and shower products, beauty and skincare products, sustainable fashion items/brands and other lifestyle products.

They want to make people aware and also encourage them to adapt a more sustainable lifestyle, not only for themselves or their friends and family but also for the planet we all share.


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