Mental Wellbeing Training for Ethical Influencers

We’re delighted to announce a new Ethical Influencers partnership with Calmer, an award-winning training organisation supporting individuals and professionals to take a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing.

With eco anxiety being a key topic for discussion this year, as well as a continued focus on the negative effects of social media, and the difficulty in balancing work, life, and content creating, we hope this partnership will provide you with expert-led advice, as well as access to resources, events, and more.

About Calmer

Calmer is a UK-based training organisation that has digital courses open to everyone across the globe. Their free stress and burnout management course, The Reignite Project, recently won Best Mental Health Campaign of the Year.

They also have their own membership platform, the Calmer Community, which provides monthly videos, audios, recorded events, webinars, books, and more. As a partner of ours, Calmer will provide discounted membership to the Calmer Community for all members of Ethical Influencers. Use the code CCETHICAL10 to get 10% off Calmer Community membership each and every month.

We will be publicising Calmer events on the Event page, if you’re interested in attending these, as well as creating content with Calmer in the future to provide community-wide support and prioritise our mental wellbeing alongside our continued quest for a more sustainable world.


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