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Name: Jane
Blog: Menopausal Not Mad
Categories: Fitness, Health, Lifestyle

About Jane

Providing authentic, evidence based guidance and support with menopause and HRT challenges.
Jane founded Menopausal Not Mad as a natural progression from her 30+ years working within the personal growth and nutrition industry and her own experiences of being peri and now post menopausal.

Jane’s role is to transfer the facts about HRT, peri and post menopause, whilst ensuring women have the smoothest journey to excellent health. Jane spends her time dispelling myths about HRT and menopause whilst quickly getting to the bottom of individual hormone challenges.

Jane spent a lot of her career aspiring to other people’s expectations of her, but that doesn’t happen any longer, instilling some of that newer confidence into all her menopause consultations, to help clients understand what they can be and what they deserve to be.


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