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Name: Jayne
Blog: Waste Less Spend Less
Categories: Environment, Food, Free From, Health, Lifestyle

About Jayne

Jayne offers simple and achievable tips to inspire others to live a more sustainable life. This includes using and repurposing what we already have, being mindful when buying, reducing waste, and lowering our impact on the planet.

Jayne admits she isn’t perfect, but has always been passionate about reusing and looking after things to make them last longer, thinking about cost per use before buying, and ways to keep things out of landfill. No more contradicting information and complex ideas, but simple and easy steps to build healthy habits, leaving you in no doubt that you are doing your bit for future generations to come.

Jayne wants others to feel the joy of thinking they don’t have to buy something when they could repurpose something they already own, borrow from a friend or hire, perhaps buy preloved instead and save the money that would have been spent.

Being the parent of two beautiful daughters, and grandparent of two gorgeous grandkids, Jayne is very aware of the fact there is no planet B, and wants them and future generations to enjoy an abundant and sustainable future.


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