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Name: Joana
Instagram: The Sustainable Guest
Categories: Fashion

About Joana

Joana is a journalist based in London, and has worked both in fashion and political-journalism for just over a decade. Her bylines include British publications such as The Guardian, Grazia, and Vice UK, as well as broadcasters around the world.

With the unprecedented changes of the last couple of years, Joana decided to pivot her focus in 2022. Joana’s personal and professional ethos has always had a large focus on holistic sustainability, but particularly after attending and covering COP26 in Glasgow, she felt compelled to intervene more directly in the systemic change necessary to save our planet.

The Sustainable Guest was built as a fashion journalism, as well as a social media influencing platform, dead-set on showing that sustainability doesn’t have to be drab or restrictive. Quite the opposite: it is an opportunity for creativity and breaking outdated molds.


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