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Name: Joanna
Instagram: cottageandkitchen
Categories: Environment, Food, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Other

About Joanna

Joanna is in the process of creating a cottage style garden and growing flowers and food (with gratitude) in the back garden of a small (rented) house in urban Bristol – proving just a little space, a small budget, and the right choices can have positive effects on ourselves and the environment. She has built a very small kitchen garden in a ‘potager’ style and maintains herb beds to support personal nutrition and wellbeing. And created a sanctuary in the city for her personal yoga practice. Joanna is a self taught gardener and an advocate for organic and low environmental impact, sustainable gardening practices and lifestyle. Her gardening is guided by the moon and seasonal rhythms. Joanna is a specialist in heritage and climate, sustainable and community planning, works part time for a conservation charity and has published guidance on energy efficiency and green homes. She is also a single mother of one.

Content categories include…

  • Gardening for health and wellbeing
  • Low environmental impact gardening
  • Climate action
  • Eco friendly garden/home and gardeners products
  • Home grown food
  • Home grown flowers
  • Floral design
  • Seasonal wellness
  • Seasonal living
  • Positivity/PMA
  • Plants
  • Plant folklore
  • Yoga
  • Healing powers of plants and nature
  • Herbal remedies
  • Gardening tips and advice
  • Children and gardening

NB. Joanna would be willing to include clothing if ethical. This account is in its second year and she is intending to branch out into new associated content.


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