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Name: Justine
Instagram: Just Green Travels
Categories: Environment, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Vegan

About Justine

Justine’s aim is to share the joy of ethical style, dining & travel! Her vegan dining reviews are popular, recently reaching over 5.5 million views, and she collaborates with top vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, California. Plant Based News also added her to their select list of vegan food content creators.

Justine has modeled brands including Will’s Vegan Shoes, Lav & Kush, Mellow vegan cosmetics and other ethical products. Recent paid promotions include Ask Belynda, Popgel toothpaste (TripleLine Influencers) and Eco Beachie.

Additionally, Justine serves on various vegan, animal and human rights campaigns, e.g., Go Dharmic (Food Distribution) which has provided over 10.6 million free, plant-based meals worldwide. 


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